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Marriage is a Team Sport

on Sep 26, 2014 in News and Events | 0 comments

“Marriage is a team sport; you either win together or lose together.”


If marriage is a team sport, then the name of the game must be intimacy.  Here are 3 tips on how to create intimacy in your relationship.


1) Practice Active Listening
Active listening means giving full attention to your partner when communicating. This means you’ll want to turn off electronic gadgets and make eye to eye contact when talking.


2) Give Daily Compliments
Is there one positive thing your partner has done today?  Smiled? Went to work? Cooked for you? Changed your child’s diaper? Think of something positive and share it.


3) Share Your Feelings with “I” Statements. Avoid “You” statements.
This way you can share your feelings without blaming the other person. Blaming or shaming your partner will not build the intimacy you want.  For example, “You never help with housework!” is a blaming statement. Instead, try an “I” statement like,”I feel overwhelmed with all the housework. I’d like your help to create a solution for this problem. Any ideas?”


As my Grandma used to say,”You attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.”